• News, March 2016

    So, in 2016 gaming is all OVER the place. We have so many great games to choose from, it's akin to finding yourself in a candy shop with ADHD and a sweet tooth. If we want to play a MOBA, there's DOTA 2, LoL, or Heroes of the Storm. Like survival...
    Posted to News by Swift62 on 03-17-2016
  • Minecraft FTB Ultimate Pack

    FTB or Feed The Beast for those unfamiliar with this most epic collection of mods for Minecraft is now live on our latest Minecraft server. This is a collection of dozens of Minecraft Mods all packaged together nicely in a ready to play launcher that...
  • Everything is True!!!!

    As some of you may know. Funcom's new MMO The Secret World has been in Beta for a long time now. I have had the privelege of being in the Closed Beta since last year. I unfortunately did not have enough time to properly enjoy it, however the little...
    Posted to News by ParaDOX on 06-28-2012
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  • Front Page News - February 2012

    Big changes are coming. Please stay tuned to new updates including new happenings and servers.
    Posted to News by Rush Retrospective on 02-25-2012
  • Front Page News - April 2011

    Who is this writing a news post on the front page!? Damn you Rupert!! Anyways, as most of us know Portal 2 came out just yesterday at a midnight, well 12:30 AM EST, early release. Valve had the entire Steam gaming community playing a dozen games from...
    Posted to News by DarkAstraea on 04-20-2011
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  • Front Page News - February 2011

    OK, OK. Yes it has been a long time since Paradises Garage has been updated with some new news. But I am here to explain. As it was evident in our last front page update, we are/we're playing Anarchy Online. Anarchy Online gave us the opportunity...
    Posted to News by Rush Retrospective on 02-20-2011
  • Front Page News - May 2010

    Todays news is brought to you by the letters: AO So, where do I begin? Well, you start off in newbie island, where you have to talk to Brandon Thor... wait, wait... that's old news. If you don't already know, the MC Labs Org (guild) in Anarchy...
    Posted to News by Swordguy on 10-01-2010
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