Front Page News - July 4th 2009

Happy Independence Day to all of our American community members, and to everyone else, have a nice weekend!

Safely enjoy the fireworks! I'm probably gooing to stay home and watch them on TV this year while gaming online.

The Game of choice these days is Anarchy Online. For those of you who have played AO in the past you should take another look into it. There is a ton of new content, new expansions and of course there is the Free accounts (Froob Account) which are still tons of fun. Other than the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 there aren't any other games I'm interested in for now.

There are a few new voices in Ventrilo these days. Jump in and say Hi. We also added a Ventrilo status bar to the Server list so you can see who is on without joining in, not sure if that is a good idea or not, lol....

In other news... Several celebrities have recently passed away. 

It seems like Troop died again (figuratively speaking). He has once again faded into obscurity.... oh well it's fun while it lasts...

Posted 07-04-2009 1:18 PM by ParaDOX
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