Front Page News - February 2011

OK, OK. Yes it has been a long time since Paradises Garage has been updated with some new news. But I am here to explain.


As it was evident in our last front page update, we are/we're playing Anarchy Online. Anarchy Online gave us the opportunity to expand our community through the development of the MC Labs Org and with that, this site was not functioning very well to provide appropriate material for our new demographic. This does not mean that Paradises Garage or MC is now defunct, rather far from it. We felt that it would be more appropriate to open up a new site dedicated to our Anarchy Online patrons full of resources that anyone would expect from MC and Paradises Garage. With that said, at the top of this page in the menu bar, there is a link to the MC Labs site for anyone to check out, especially if you are here for AO material ( Please keep in mind that that site is still currently under development (It is fully functional, but still have some kinks to work out).

But enough with the old, were here with the new. I am proud to say that we have actually found a new game to play, that game being Minecraft. If you haven't heard of Minecraft, I fear that you have either been living under a rock for the last year or have spent that time trying to find the secret room in Starwars_Trench2. Nonetheless, Minecraft is a sandbox game based on a very simple java engine. As unsatisfying as that sounds, Minecraft brings very interesting concepts to the table. One of those being the near infinite play area of the server. If you spawn and immediately start walking in one direction, by the time you make it to a boundary, you will wonder how your fellow man settled on Mars (its OK, you were on the Ringworld the entire time). Below the endless surface, there are intricate mazes of mines that are also open to exploration in which you can find your materials to start the building process. Yes, unlike garrys mod, you cannot spawn materials and just start building, oh no, you gotta work to utilize that imagination.

Now, this game is not free, but its not overly expensive either. go to and buy yourself a copy. It is about $20 dollars a copy which isn't a killer compared to all those Call of Duty's you have bought over the years. Once you buy an account, the downloader is very small and will take no time to download, install and start playing. Once you have all of that taken care of, join us in our Team Speak and we will give you our server information - (Will very likely be posted on the site once I clarify with ParaDOX that is OK to publish the server information).

A few other plugs I want to throw into this edition of the Front Page News since it has been 9 months or so since you last had one. Portal 2 is up for preorder on Steam. I don't know that many people who disliked Portal 1 so if you were a fan of the game, you definitely want to be sure to get a hold of the preorder to save 5 bucks off the overall cost of the game. If you haven't played Portal, if you join the TeamSpeak and talk to me, I have a few full copys I can gift over so you can try it out.

Duke Nukem Forever actually has a release date - Enough said!

And finally - I have always been dedicated to pushing free advertisements for team Dystopia, but this time, its not about Dystopia. A few months back, Team Dystopia became Puny Human Games and is currently in a closed beta for their supporters for their upcoming game Blade Symphony. Blade Symphony is a source mod melee game where players go head to head with only swords in very attractive surroundings. I personally don't know too much about the game since I have yet to have tested it, but you can check out more information on the game at


Until next time meatbags. 

Posted 02-20-2011 3:35 PM by Rush Retrospective
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