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Doded Posted: 04-07-2007 9:05 PM
Hi there, nice to meet you. I go by the name Doded or the codename Fred, whatever suits. I'm in charge of the private {MC} toilets and the food. So be warned...don't ever make a mess in there or I'll KILL you. A few people know my exact age and those who don't, don't. Anyway, I was born and raised in the Netherlands, but I currently live in the {MC} ventrilo server ( Hop in and say hello to the rest of the gang.

I joined the {MC} community a long time ago, which must've been a bit after the CS1.5 - 1.6 conversion. Along the road working myself up in the {MC} community, I met a lot of great guys. I consider 2 of them, Dark and Snakz, being above the law since they're awesome and we have been 'rolling' together since I first came to {MC}. In-game you'll most of the time see me using a random name, just to make troop and paradox ponder "WHO IS THAT GUY". Beside that, I'm a member of Dark's squad chasing after the evil. It's a state of mind... People ask us what we do for a living, well we eat people that think they are good and the occasional nooblets that get in our way. I think you need me more then you think you do, I mean, you're probably thinking: oh the damn guy that kills us. The fact is, without us, there wouldn't be anyone else to kill you. Think about it. Do I feel like I made things better in the world? Definitely not, I made them worse. But you know what, I stand by that. That's a phylosophy. If everyone just played along with eachother, you know.. having fun, things would get old pretty quickly. It's an artform..... and I'm an

Well that's it.

Doded says NO!

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Im sry i couldnt help it!!!!........
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shoulda posted that in dutch as well
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