Second Life - Tiny Prims Tutorial

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ParaDOX Posted: 06-10-2007 8:25 PM

Here is a an interesting Tutorial by Torley on building. This one show you how to make "Tiny" prims.

Check it out and then show us what you made using these techniques... 
Remember... Where ever you go, there you are...

 tiny prims, By Rush Retrospective

the biggest possible prim (by manually changing it with the editor) a 10x10x10 block compared to troop

Biggest possible prim (10x10x10 block by editor) compared to starting block (.5x.5x.5)

.5x.5x.5 block compared to smallest possible prim by editor (.01x.01x.01)

.01x.01x.01 block compared to using tiny prim technique (smallest as possible to rush's capability) (at fullest alt+zoom)

side comparison of .01x.01x.01 prim to tiny prim technique 


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That's insane! 
Remember... Where ever you go, there you are...

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