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Troop Posted: 08-14-2008 9:06 PM

 Hidden Potions

Chest 1: old tarantia. Go west down the river (yes you swim down it) till you can't go any further, you will see a large sunken ship in the bottom of the river go to the back end of it and in the sand outside of the boat on the bottom of the river there is a chest that will spawn it contains "Cool runnings" (clearly a reference to the movie cool runnings =P) it's a potion that is level 20 and just says "Chilled" for the effect, I have no idea what it does but I have sold it for upwards of 10 silver on my server.

Chest 2: Old Tarantia again. Go east this time just as you pass the first bridge (literally right past it) there is a verry small inlet on the north side of the river (you should see a small fishing boat outside of it) go up against the north wall and swim down it's in the center of the inlet against the wall. This chest contains "Electric Boogie" it's a level 20 potion that has the effecet "Charged" once again over 10 silver on my server.

Note: these chests seam to be on a rather long respawn timer I would say about 30 min - an hour so if you don't find them right away check back they should be there shortly![/IMG]

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 Hidden Macro Tool

Next time you're ingame, type:

    /setoption chat_macro_window true

This can be used for Chat macros, emote macros, you could create a macro to turn off UI elements and turn them on.
Assist makros are very useful when you want to make sure you hit the tanks target in a big crowd.[/IMG]

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Loot After Death

I am not sure if this is working as funcom intended, but If you die and treasure is around you, before you release, SHIFT + left click the treasure and it will auto-loot into your inventory.[/IMG]

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