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  • Guild Arena

    This was a suggestion of the official AoC forums. Basically, build an arena so guildies can still pvp (it's not quite the same as dueling). Read here and please sign.
    Posted to Age of Conan (Forum) by Troop on 07-20-2008
  • Guild City Info

    Answers to some most asked questions! Q. How Much Will A Full Tier One City Cost To Build? A. 10 City Buildings = 12 Gold 50 Silver 71 Sections Of Wall (Wall, Gate, Tower) = 88 Gold 75 Silver Total = 101 Gold 25 Silver Q. What Order Must The Building Be Built In? A. 1 Keep, 2 Trade Post, 3 Temple, 4...
    Posted to Age of Conan (Forum) by Goob on 06-09-2008
  • The Foundation PVP Policy - Code of Conduct

    The Foundation has strict PVP Policies that are meant to ensure fair and honorable play. The Foundation's PVP Code of Conduct: Do not spawn camp. Under no circumstances should this rule be broken. It's cheap and shows a lack of maturity. (If you are being griefed let your guildmates know and...
    Posted to Age of Conan (Forum) by ParaDOX on 06-02-2008
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