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  • Looking for Resources?

    Here's how to find them! This guy has all of the resources mapped as waypoints that work in the ingame map. This is not a hack or exploit. They are just predefined waypoint files.
    Posted to Age of Conan (Forum) by ParaDOX on 06-05-2008
  • The Foundation - Guild Diplomacy

    The Foundation takes its diplomacy very seriously. The Foundation wishes to stay Allied, Friendly, or Neutral with as many guilds as possible. Having enemies will only make things harder for our lower level members. Treating each guild we see with respect will allow The Foundation to remain considered...
    Posted to Age of Conan (Forum) by Troop on 06-05-2008
  • The Foundation PVP Policy - Code of Conduct

    The Foundation has strict PVP Policies that are meant to ensure fair and honorable play. The Foundation's PVP Code of Conduct: Do not spawn camp. Under no circumstances should this rule be broken. It's cheap and shows a lack of maturity. (If you are being griefed let your guildmates know and...
    Posted to Age of Conan (Forum) by ParaDOX on 06-02-2008
  • Looking for Guild?

    If you are interested in joining The Foundation, register then post here.
    Posted to Age of Conan (Forum) by ParaDOX on 06-02-2008
  • What is your Favorite class?

    Well the games is still new but I am curious to see what classes you like so far. We'll do more polls as we move along to see where things stand. [Poll]
    Posted to Age of Conan (Forum) by ParaDOX on 06-02-2008
  • The Foundation - Guild

    Our Guild "The Foundation" is now active and looking to swell it's rank with quality, mature team players. Must have Ventrilo . The Foundation started in Anarchy Online back in 2001 and has had a Presence there ever since. Some of the MC Members are in it and play AoC actively. Other MC...
    Posted to Age of Conan (Forum) by ParaDOX on 05-28-2008
  • Some screenshots from AoC

    I took a few screenshots and wanted to share them with you. You can see the whole collection here:
    Posted to Age of Conan (Forum) by ParaDOX on 05-28-2008
  • Welcome to Hyboria!

    Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures . I have waiting for this game since I first heard about it a few years ago. The game is set during the time of Conan in the land of Hyboria. I am not going to discuss that at this time there is a ton of stuff written about it already. The Conan stories were written...
    Posted to Age of Conan (Forum) by ParaDOX on 05-25-2008
  • Upcoming MMORPG - Age of Conan

    This is a MMORG based in the time and world of Conan as imagined by the Author. This game has so many new groundbreaking technologies I really can't mention them all and hope to do them justice. Check out their Site: [video] Be sure to check out the rest of the videos of...
    Posted to MMORPGs (Forum) by ParaDOX on 04-28-2007
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