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  • AO Music

    Here's an interesting article about the music in AO, written by one of the composers. This game has the best music in any game ever! One of the best things about this music is that after more than 9 years playing it I am...
    Posted to Anarchy Online (Forum) by ParaDOX on 10-20-2010
  • The Adventures of the MC Lab Rats (Rough Draft)

    It was a fine Sunday evening during the summer of 29485 and some of the MC Lab Rats were looking for some fun, a little extra SK wouldn't hurt either. We started gathering around the resurrection portal in the garden of Lord Mordeth, having death expressed there for the explicit reason of dealing...
    Posted to Anarchy Online (Forum) by ParaDOX on 07-29-2010
  • BudaBot Feature suggestion

    As most of you know we use BudaBot for Labbot, our MC Labs ORg Chat bot. I had an idea for an additional feature I thought would be usefull to us and other orgs. Wishl ists The idea is simple, an ingame way to manage the massive lists of itmes that each toon needs to acquire during the life of your character...
    Posted to Anarchy Online (Forum) by ParaDOX on 06-15-2010
  • Links to cool AO 3rd party tools

    I will be adding links to useful tools for ao as I find them. if anyone else has a link to a useful 3rd party tool for anarchy online, feel free to post it here.
    Posted to Anarchy Online (Forum) by Swordguy on 05-12-2010
  • Atlas of Shadowlands // Rubi-ka Download Links

    as the AO Atlas Map files (in rar form) are too big to upload, I'm going to put the direct download links to the Atlas maps here instead. Atlas of Rubi-ka : A very good planet map of Rubi-ka, probably the best there is atm. Atlas of Shadowlands : Far better than shere map. there are 4 (yes 4) zoom...
    Posted to Anarchy Online (Forum) by Swordguy on 04-27-2010
  • Anarchy Online Resource Sites Archive and Mirror

    Some of the Best AO resource sites have disappeared off the net. I hope to prevent that from happening to a few of the ones that know about. So to provide a serivce to the AO community We are hosint Mirrors of some of these site. They are currently still up, but at least one of them has gone down permanantly...
    Posted to Anarchy Online (Forum) by ParaDOX on 09-18-2009
  • Some AO Humor - Leetville

    Check out this story on Anarchy Arcanum: Leetville
    Posted to Anarchy Online (Forum) by ParaDOX on 09-11-2009
  • Anarchy Online gets a facelift!

    Anarchy Online is coming up on 7 Years old and it's time for a new engine. Anarchy Online has managed to keep myself and many other interested by releasing new content regularly and by giving a chance for other to play the basic (original) game for free. They have in the works a new 3D engine My...
    Posted to Anarchy Online (Forum) by ParaDOX on 03-08-2008
  • Anarchy Online will soon be six!

    At the end of June Anarchy Online will be celebrating its sixth anniversary and we are taking the opportunity to have a great giveaway that will give all the citizens of Rubi-Ka an opportunity to snag themselves some great prizes. Every Friday from now until the birthday celebrations at the end of June...
    Posted to Anarchy Online (Forum) by ParaDOX on 04-28-2007
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