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  • MC Game Servers

    Most of our Game servers are down due to lack of use and or interest. Most if not all of the servers are still around but they are stopped. If there is any interest in playing any of the old servers let me know and I will bring the server up for as long as desired. Some of this is resource related. We...
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by ParaDOX on 01-13-2019
  • {MC} Paradise Server Rules

    Rulez and Regz The Rulez and Regz here are fairly simple: Teamspeak Rulez Respect everyone! No Abusive Language DO NOT attempt to use any commands on the server that you are not authorized to use. This includes Vote Kicking unless an Admin Starts the Vote. DO NOT attempt any Exploits on the server. Gameplay...
    Posted to Server Info / Admin Lists (Forum) by ParaDOX on 10-23-2009
  • Which Server do we keep?

    We are going to start shutting down the CS 1.6 servers that are not being used. Which server do you want us to keep? [Poll]
    Posted to Server Info / Admin Lists (Forum) by ParaDOX on 04-11-2009
  • MD Server info

    I talked to MD Grunt today via Xfire and gave me the new IP. They moved the server to a new location in Chicago and he says it's currently ranked 430. Here is the IP: Here is their website for more info: The MD Clan has always been...
    Posted to COD 4 (Forum) by ParaDOX on 08-15-2008
  • COD4

    Hey guys as some of you know i just got COD4 for PC (i had it for xbox360) I was wondering you anyone wanted to get a team together to play in matches on gamebattles or something If no one wants to make a team i am probly going to make one myself and anyone can join (also the MC server is out of date...
    Posted to COD 4 (Forum) by Goob on 07-11-2008
  • Source Servers DOWN!

    Almost all of our Sourc Servers are down due to a hardware failure at the site. The only Source server that is still up is the TF2 Server (The one I care about the least right now! lol... Go VALVE!) no idea when I will be able to restore those server to service.... Major project I'm working on is...
    Posted to Server Issues (Forum) by ParaDOX on 03-18-2008
  • Current Mapcycle

    [MD]Grunt was gracious enough to let us use the mapcycle from the [MD] Servers for now, just until we get an idea of waht we want for ourselves. set g_gametype "" set sv_mapRotation "gametype koth map mp_backlot gametype dom map mp_bloc gametype koth map mp_bog gametype sab map mp_cargoship...
    Posted to COD 4 (Forum) by ParaDOX on 01-20-2008
  • More COD4 Rcon commands and cvars

    Some more rcon commands for CoD4, this is part two of the the last post i made on CoD4 rcon commands . These commands will change some basic settings for each gametype along with some other server settings. I’ll explain what each command does but alot of them are repeated for each gametype so i’m not...
    Posted to COD 4 (Forum) by ParaDOX on 01-18-2008
  • Re: CoD4 Server Help

    Thanks Radio! Thsi will help me to get our COD4 server up faster. I have copied a few of these posts to separate posts here so we can keep it if the authors site goes down. I wasn't trying to plagiarize them. Anyway it looks like we'll have abasic server up for this weekend.. at least that's...
    Posted to COD 4 (Forum) by ParaDOX on 01-18-2008
  • Team Fortress Server Going DOWN! In protest to the latest Changes by Valve

    Valve has decided in their ultimate wisdom, to limit the number of player slots visible in the Server browser for TF2. This is a sad day in the gaming world. Where valve is deciding how we should host our server with thier games. I understand this is their game, really I do. but they should try to understand...
    Posted to Server Info / Admin Lists (Forum) by ParaDOX on 10-10-2007
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