• Day 1 Still getting pwn'd

    This entry is just to kinda state the intentions of my blog. My struggle to bring my kill to death ratio to 1:1 and beyond. Also my isuues with my horrible graphics card. I can's see text in cs. This makes it hard to improve my score. I think Para...
    Posted to Scanner's Blog by Scanner on 03-02-2007
  • This is my Test Blog

    This is totally meaning less at this point. Well actually it's to test the functionality of the blogs section :)
    Posted to Test Blog by Mike Test on 03-02-2007
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  • {MC} ParadisesGarage Anime Blog Now Open

    Hey guys, we finally have the ability to make our own blogs and I, DarkMidoriko, and my minion Doded are going to dedicate our lives to bringing you the latest updates to the latest and oldest anime around.
    Posted to Anime by DarkAstraea on 03-02-2007
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