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We now have a new Minecraft FTB Revelations server!
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{MC} Paradises Servers

All our listed Servers on Game-State
Counter Strike: Global Offensive: NEW!
Globally Offended (Competive Mode) Down! Click to join
Source Servers:
CS:Source Server Down!
Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers: With FAST DL
Starwars2 Server Down! Click to join
Other - Starwars Server Down! Click to join
Anarchy CSDM Server Down! Click to join
Climb Server Down! Click to join
Beta for testing maps... Down! Click to join
Call of Duty Servers:
COD4 Hard Core DM Down! Click to join
Quake 3 Servers:
Rocket Arena Server Down! Click to join
Minecraft Servers:
FTB Revelations Server Up!
IceCast Stream Servers:
House Stream 1 Click to listen with Windows Media Player Click to listen with Winamp
Voice Servers:
TeamSpeak 3 Server Up! Click to join
AOSpeak Server Up! Click for info
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