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  • News, March 2016
  •     So, in 2016 gaming is all OVER the place. We have so many great games to choose from, it's akin to finding yourself in a candy shop with ADHD and a sweet tooth. If we want to play a MOBA, there's DOTA 2, LoL, or Heroes of the Storm. Like survival games? There's great games like ARK, Rust, or The Forest. The number of good MMOs out now makes it daunting to start one let alone invest time, simply because you could be missing out on the next big thing. Looking to the future, we have Star Citizen, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Doom, Battleborn, and Overwatch just to name a few. All potentially great games. Lastly, let's not forget that this is the year Virtual Reality is really getting its foothold on gaming with the release of Oculus for PC. 

         To Business: it has been a while since everyone has been active in posting about their various adventures in games, the interwebs, or real life. So, let's help kick start the initiative to get more involved with each other. Whether our adventures have been in real life or a digital playground, let's post some pictures or blog about it in the forums. Several members right now are playing The Division and have already taken screenshots of some fun times they've had. Let's get those posted to media for everyone to see! Personally, I'm trying to get a MC Labs guild started in Black Desert Online, so hopefully I'll have some funny screenshots and stories to post on the forums. 

         To sum it all up, let's start sharing our thoughts and experiences with each other again. We're all unique, awesome individuals with a new perspective to put on things. Post your story, ask for advice, hit us up with that dankest meme! After all, what's the internet for if not to share information and network (and kittens, can't forget kittens)? 

  • Posted 03-17-2016 8:48 PM by Swift62
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