a riddle, not as tough as Para's

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Swordguy Posted: 01-21-2010 1:53 AM

you've been walking through the snow and the cold, you're freezing and you're lost and you come across a vacant cabin.  In this cabin there is a wood stove, a coal stove and a gas stove (methane of course!) and you only have one match; what do you light first?

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another riddle. this one's easy YesCool


how can you divide a pizza into 8 equal sized slices in only three cuts.

 - each cut must be in a straight line in one single direction. (turning cutter in mid-cut will forfeit pizza to swordguy)

 - only a single bladed pizza cutter can be used to make all three cuts. (cannot use a pizza cutter that has multiple, parallel blades)

 - upon success, you must share your pizza with swordguy

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I assume I'd light the match first :D.


I haven't really had time to look at the second one yet, though...Whatever, I'll just hand it over to you, I just ate pizza anyways.


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