[US] Congress To Make Streaming a Felony

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DarkAstraea Posted: 06-15-2011 9:13 AM

THIS WEEK Senators will be voting on a "Ten Strikes" bill to make it a felony to stream copyrighted content -- like music in the background of a Youtube video -- more than ten times.

I'm not really going to go into this much since it is the American government, but seriously....wtf...


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Rampage replied on 06-18-2011 7:55 PM

Stupid. I don't get half the stuff they do some times. If I was an artist in the music industry, I wouldn't care if anyone used my music in youtube videos. Do these morons not get that with places like youtube when music, movie or TV shows are posted there's a very high chance of getting new fans thus giving a higher chance to earn more profit. Seriously.  I would say at the most they should allow people the chance to ask if they are able to use their stuff, but limit it to certain things like no videos of someone dancing in the street to some random song.

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