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Stab Posted: 01-29-2012 4:14 PM

{MC} Community,

Most of you will remember me as my Counter Strike name "Stab-you-in-the-eye" which defined my middle-school career (despite my claims otherwise haha). I had a discussion with one of my classmates today about games we used to play back in the day and CS 1.6 was the big topic of discussion. Ultimately it made me think of the {MC} community which taught me some pretty valuable life lessons.

I am posting here hoping that the guys I hung out with...4-7 years ago... are still a part of this community and also to put some sort of closure to the "drama" I created as a kid. You guys made my childhood a lot better for me, even as I pretended to be older than I was. I was pretty bad at it, looking back on it =P. Regardless, I think it would be so cool to hear from all the ppl I used to know and chill in vent with on a daily basis if your still around.

The thing I came here to share is this....

I was asked to write an article for my school newspaper by one of the editors after talking to him for a while. It is about my childhood, and tries to shed some light while I try to help other kids who might be dealing with the same sort of problems. This is not a sob story from me to you guys, I am sincerely interested in your take on my role in this community so long ago after reading this.


Hope to hear from all my old friends,


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Hey Stab!

Of course we remember you. Glad to hear you have come to terms with everything. After you "Came Clean" we all kind of expected you to keep hanging out, but I guess you had to deal with it in your own way.

You are as always welcome to stop by the Vent... er TeamSpeak nowadays.

A short list of the TS regulars: (All MC's now I might add)

  • Myself
  • Dark (Add variation here) aka Astrea
  • Axile
  • Doded
  • Drambilia (Aka MC Dead, Target and too many other names to mention)
  • Swordguy
  • Rush Retrospective AKA Tom Sawyer

Others that drop by on occasion:

  • Troop
  • Amon
  • R3cursive (AKA F1Killer)
  • Swiss

And several others that you probably don't know that drop by on occasion.

I myself am swamped with work at the moment but I still hangout in TS as much as I can. Not playing anything at all at the moment, at least not until this big project at work is completed. Another month or so at least.

Games I will be playing when time permits:

  • Anarchy Online
  • The Secret World
  • Skyrim (I have only played a little over an hour so far, and bunch of that was creating my character!)
  • Minecraft (our server of course!)
  • Various other games....

We still have a whole bunch of servers up, IP's have changed, and none of us really play that much anyway. I will probably be shutting some of them down shortly. They can be brought up if needed easily though.

Feel free to stop by anytime. Good hearing from you!

How is the Diving going?

Remember... Where ever you go, there you are...

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Well I would have liked to keep playing but life prevents me from doing so right now. I will try and stop in vent sometime! Diving is going great, I broke one of the college records and Im going for the second one this weekend. I also qualified for Olympic trials in two events. Hopefully I will get some air time on TV when they are shown. Im still young to the international scene so the chances of my even coming close to making the Olympic team this year is very slim, but in 2016 I'll have more experience under my belt, who knows!

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That would be great! I wish you the best of luck!

Reminder: We don't use Vent anymore, we have moved to Teamspeak 3.

For more information: http://www.paradisesgarage.com/mcweb2/forums/t/1215.aspx

Talk to you soon.

Remember... Where ever you go, there you are...

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Hey Stab!

Yup, we still remember you. Good to see everything's going really well for you! Congrats on Harvard and your success in diving.


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