Adriox: "BRB Gonna grab a beer!"

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Adriox Posted: 09-21-2016 9:26 PM

To those of you fortunate enough to have missed meeting me, I am the scrublord known as Adriox!

Been a longtime gamer of all varieties specializing in FPSs and anything that features flying. Met Drambilia just over a year ago playing the horror that is Dirty Bomb and have been triggering admins ever since. You name it I've probably played it or some variant of it! While not a member of MC-Labs proper, I'm glad that they have been incredibly welcoming and let me butt into their game-time and their TS!

GLHF and see you all around on the net!



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Welcome to the community!

Glad to have you aboard. 
Remember... Where ever you go, there you are...

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