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Rush Retrospective Posted: 04-01-2007 9:52 PM

I got Rush Tickets @ Nissan Pavilion June 26th 2007!

ok anyway!!! Im Rush and Im going to give you a life story.

On April 29th 1989, I was born down in Baldwin Mississippi and......

ok were going to skip to my online involvement. One day, when I was in the 8th grade, my friend brought me to this online radio station. It was a great online radio station and I became a DJ on that radio station (which is why i know practically everything when it comes to the shoutcast station/broadcasting and software. Someone on that radio station brought me to this website (which I no longer participate with) and I stuck around there for a bit while Dj'ing. The owner of that radio station got me involved in a game called Americas Army (the very first version before they patched it about 500 times) and i got extremely good at it ( I was like honor 67). One sad day that radio station died out, so I stuck around on that website that someone gave me. While sticking around on that site, I met a guy named zaq101 who told me that i should play counter strike. Sadly, I didnt have the money to pay for Counter Strike so i had to beg. I finally got a steam account from the guy who got me into Americas Army because he hated counter strike. The first server I played at on Counter Strike was CoR. I no longer play at CoR. I play at MC. In CoR, I jumped through many different clans like almost everyone who can get a few kills in counter strike. One day Zaq101 became the leader of a clan called KA. Because he became leader of KA, i was allowed to join KA. Long story short, zaq101 hacked and he no longer plays counter strike and got kicked out of KA so im no longer in KA. So while being clanless, i just trolled around counter strike communities, mainly CoR, but occaisionally the MC Anarchy Server.

 ok, im tired of typing this, no really, this is boring. Long story short, I have found MC as a new home and are currently in MC.

but for the most part I have Rush Tickets!!!


Name: Rob
Favorite Band: Rush
Age: 17 (18 in 28 days)
Job: Mechanic at a Bowling Alley
Clans: {MC}/[SS] (occaisionally CSBC)
Maps: whack_a_mole/de_dust2_ads


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ewwwww  CoR
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I definitely never hacked. Some guy who I wrecked got salty and made a video with his own hacks on of me making some common shots through walls and in space and I got banned for it.  

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We usually used the in game Demo's to verify someone's complaint. We didn't accept videos. We recorded Demos on all servers for many years. I had several terabytes of Demos at one point. I have probably since deleted all or most of them. We are not doing this currently.

If you were banned and you weren't hacking, then I apologize. Welcome back!

Also note we purged the ban list a long time ago. I think we called it amnesty or something like that, gave all a fresh chance.

Some of our servers are still up from time to time. Depends on what's going on. 
Remember... Where ever you go, there you are...

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What was the name in game at the time if you can remember. I might still have logs and other info. 
Remember... Where ever you go, there you are...

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This was on CoR's server

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