Happy Halloween

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`Brutal Force! Posted: 10-30-2007 9:08 PM

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!

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Happy Halloween to all of you!

We have some cool spooky stuff set up at our place.

We have a lifesize Skeleton sitting at the Piano, A bloody stump of an arm trying to get out of the piano!

Various cobwebs, pumpkins, witches and a spooky soundtrack playing in the background.

We should all play the_hallway map tonight in celebration of Halloween!

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 Funny thing is that this year only three times did they ever come to my door....now i have a whole bunch of chocolates and chips that i gotta eat Big Smile

And whats up with the Skeleton sitting at the Piano Para? Did you take Warp's flesh and make him just sit there? lol


Unlike in sports, the game of war has no set time limit and no points are awarded, so how do you determine the winners and the losers? When all your enemies are destroyed? 多分そして。
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Someone knocked on my dorm room. I gave them a cracker.


Also, my girlfriend won best costume at her school, look familiar?



 lol. I wish I dressed up now >.>

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