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Axile Posted: 04-21-2010 10:53 PM

Hey everyone im currently about 7 hours away from Aruba Big Smile and ill be probably only getting 5 hours or no sleep tonight on the cruise ship.  Just thought I would like to keep you all up to date where in the world I currently am as well and mostly to brag on where I am.  If your wonder I am on the Island Princess Cruise Ship and left out of Florida, been on the open waters for 3 days now and it keeps getting hotter by the day but its so humit thats I prefer to be in the sunlight than walk outside at night.  Some of my other stops im going to be making are to carticana, Panama, and Jamaca!! Ill update you all when I reach each one.

11:00am Boarded the Island Princess at Fort Lauderdale Florida
5:00pm Left port heading to Oranjestad (Aruba)

7:00am Arrived at Oranjestad (Aruba)
1:00pm Left Port heading toward Cartagena (Colombia)

9:00am Arrived at Cartagena (Colombia)
4:00pm Left port heading to Panama Canal

6:00am Arrived at the breaking head of Panama Canal
7:00am Entered the first lock
8:00am Entered Gotun Lake (Panama Canal, Panama)
1:00pm Ship went back through locks
3:00pm Ship docked at Cristobal (Panama)
6:00pm Ship left port heading toward Limon (Costa Rica)

7:00am Arrived at Limon (Costa Rica)
6:00pm Ship left port heading for Ocho Rios (Jamaica)

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Awesome! Have fun!

See you when you get back! 
Remember... Where ever you go, there you are...

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nice!! its nice to know that you are still participating in the community:D btw i wanted to knoe ur perk line on ur agent O.o i started one and is completely confused by it..

Enjoy the trip Dude!!!!

ORG City is up ftw

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Sword can help you out with that until I return to really look at my toon because I dont remember :/

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