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khaliss Posted: 08-26-2010 10:31 PM

This thread is for applying only, post once, state your alts, previous organization(s), reason for leaving organization, previous achievements, what you hope to achieve, what you hope to achieve for the organization, what you hope the organization achieves for you, & overall outlook;

myself or another recruiter or our president will interview you as soon as possible.

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Hi I am Fiat - some might know me as Doctornox.



Xxluigixx 150 Agent

Heli 200 Enforcer (in the making - used to be 149-160-165 and 170 twink)

Ijustdidthis 30 NR Agent

Qwerty2 85 Soldier

Ilnoxll 74 GA3 Fixer


Reason for leaving: Dark Front seems to be dead

Previous achievements: Used to be RL of Mercs, Raidbot and Tara.

Biggest achievement: Tinyhogg likes me.

Hopes: Finish my doc and enfo and make other twinks.

Hopes for org: Fix side xp

Hopes for the org to achieve for me: Farm items for doc and help me get back "into" the game, telling me how raids are done, instances etc. A nice social org where I can participate in conversations about AO and real life etc.


Hope I can be a part of your family :)


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