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khaliss Posted: 09-22-2010 1:12 AM

Hey all, well I'm still fairly new this year, can't remember when I joined, but have been mainly playing anarchy online since 2006, if I were to have met anyone here before then it would have been through secondlife, which I rarely play -can I say play? maybe log onto lol.

I'm in the mid-west as some of you know already, thought it would be a good idea to post an intro as a bunch of new folks are joining in our AO org. Getting towards being known as an org that does a lot of raids in SL/LE/XAN - pvp areas has always been part of the exciting aspect in AO. Khaliss is mainly who I'll be going by or Dakotakid. I'm into movies offline, but who's not these day? The majority of my movies are sci-fi, I'm at the point where I can say you name it I've seen it, if not its probably on my list to see. Anyway I'm looking forward to seeing AO grow & FC always working on improving the game, & looks like there's more of you all to meet ingame yet.

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