Facebook adds Friend Stalker Tool

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DarkAstraea Posted: 10-29-2010 4:06 PM

"Facebook has added a new tool that brings together conversations and photos between friends onto a single page, but — as usual — has crossed the creepy line. Not only does clicking the See Friendship tool let users view photos, comments and events shared between themselves and their friend, it also offers a search tool to do the same between any two mutual friends, making it easy to see everything any two people have ever said to each other Facebook. As usual, the site should have tested the function out on their users first, with one saying: 'I've always wanted this! And yes, I'm a creepy stalker.' Also, as usual for Facebook, all users are automatically opted in, and there's currently no obvious way to turn it off."

[Stalkers r Kool]

Ok....this has got to be one of the worst ideas ever. So much for secrecy, what happens when that "mutual" friend turns out to be someone you're going to hate? They will see every stupid thing that you may or may not have done. And you are automatically opted in to this crap and can't turn it off? Zuckerberg must really want there to be no privacy in Facebook what-so-ever.......

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