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ParaDOX Posted: 04-01-2008 1:09 PM

The oldpg site was brought out of retirement. :)


The old site was run using 1.1. Unfortunately this is only 32 bit. If I add 1.1 to the new 64 bit server it forces all the sites to be run in 32 bit mode. I didn't think it was worth the performance just to keep this old site around.

I took the time and felt like a challenge. I upgraded the old site to use the new asp/net 4.0 or higher to make it 64 bit compatible.


For those of you who want to reminisce, or those of you who are new here and want to readup on some of the historical posts that have taken place here in the MC community, I am finally providing a public link to the old site.

There are lot's of goodies there including:

  • Inox's Reviews (good console game reviews)
  • Pictures (I wish users would post more pix on the new site the way they used to on the old one)

The site has never been down, its was just moved and unlinked so that only a few of us knew how to get to it. The site is in READ ONLY mode so you can't post anything there or sign up anymore. We only want new posts in this forum. We were going to move the posts over originally but decided to start with a clean slate for the new site. If you had a login before it will still work and that is the only way you can access certain areas of the site. If you are new and need access to hidden areas, PM me and I'll see what if anything can be done.

Keep in mind the site goes to sleep when it not accessed for 20 minutes. No reason to waste resources. Just give it a minute to start up the web application on the server. Once it's been woken up it should respond pretty quickly.

Let me know if you find anything interesting in there. If you want o revive an old thread from there, the best way is to copy and paste from the old site and turn it into a quote. You can also link back to it as well. Please keep in mind what section a post was originally in and post it in the equivalent Forum here. DOn't post something from a private Forum in a public Forum here!

Have fun and happy reading! 
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Released to the public huh? Cool...[/IMG]

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the old times how nice makes i make u sound older para :P

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Stick out tongue 
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I finally made the time to update the old site to run on 64 bit 4.5. It is now accessible again. It was unavailable for a while

Let me know if you don't remember your old login or try the password reminder feature. If your old email is no longer accessible contact me and I can get you logged in.

I disabled new registrations.

You may need to login to access some of the best content. All of the old Game admin content requires a login of course.

If needed I will create an anonymous login and post it here so people can access some of the stuff if they didn't have a login. 
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