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mongo treckker Posted: 01-05-2009 2:36 PM

 Hey everybody, to stimulate the use of the servers (especially the cs servers) I am calling upon all members to PLAY! I think we should setup a reunion (as we all know from the past it stimulates player growth for about a month) but I think some new clans need to get setup to encourage all the members to stay involved year-round and all the ip addresses as well as the direct links need to be posted on the main page of the website to make access easier. Post for any ideas and I just got an xbox 360 so matches on xbox live coming soon for COD 5 as well as Pure??? Post if any interest is shown.

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All the servers are listed on the front page.... Left side, Server list. Hover the Click to Join buttons to see the IP address info in your status bar (bottom of your browser) 
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