23 24 25 Foundation VS 46 Darkside

23 24 25 Foundation VS 46 Darkside
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Contentus - 24 Priest of Mitra
Drambilia - 25 Guardian
Inazuma - 23 Tempest of Set


Evilwarrior - 46 Guardian

Actually, he ganked us right outside Tesso. He pretty much doubles our level, so the first time he killed Contentus (my priest) and Inazuma (Anami's tempest). Drambilia is a guardian and lasted the longest out of the three of us. Inazuma and I turned in our quests. When we were done with that, Drambilia was still being attacked! He hadn't died yet! So we ran back and healed him and nuked Evilwarrior. We killed him. What? We killed him. Three level 20's killed a level 40 ganker. I guess that's the power of The Foundation.

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