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Luftwaffle Posted: 03-26-2007 9:12 PM
I am Luftwaffle:  slayer of  Putin  and  friend  of  everyone.  While  I'm  not  officially  in  any  of  your  "clans"  I hang  around the vent a lot (many people wish I didn't, more on the later). My computer is very capable of handling any modern of or near future game yet I have no idea how to map. This makes me sad so if someone can teach me what to do in hammer that would be nice. Oh yes by the way I am the socialist and believe in the Marxist theory of economics. So anyway Peace out yall and see you on vent.
Why follow directions when I have people to tell me what to do?
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Hey waffle! I enjoy having you on vent, and making the community larger is nice =)

Your computer also owns mine, I bow down to you. But only this once.


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