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Grathorius Posted: 04-08-2007 5:03 PM


Ive been here for what....uhh...3 months? Dang this gonna be short. Well...i first learned about MC and CS and other FPS's when i met Troop a.k.a. Joe a.k.a. Imaginary (Llama?) some 6 months ago.... Well, he and mongo talked about CS and stuff and i sat there and listned and didnt undetstand a thing. "Then Para shot me and then you treid to **REST OF MESSAGE IS BEING DECODED**" or sumthing like memory goes a lot. Then Troop started playin War3 and he was talkin bout it and i was like, hey, i have that game...and so Troop says, come on vent tonight and we can play. Whats vent? Its like TS cept better. Yah...right. Well, apperantly it is. Anyway, i come on, meet dark, that was scary, and start playin. Then i meet other people like mayhem, black, stab, rush, para, no particular order btw. Then like a month ago i was inspired to buy CS and Half-life 2. Then i got dystopia, pvkII and ES. And then...i was really bad..and then...we played Civ IV and then AoE3.

All the while, I



World of Warcraft


My mousepad is WoW, i have the WoW CE for TBC, i talk in WoW speak....My background is WoW, my Avatar is WoW, my name is WoW! My sig would be WoW but the pic im tryin to use doesnt agree with the forums.

Grathorius..funny name eh? well its the name of my pally in WoW and it came around with " pally name....Grath? too short....Grathan...Grathar...Grathor...maybe...Grathorius!!!

Aliases - Grathasaurus, Ben, Lance, Lancealot, Leon, and maaaaaany more.


Lag is like AIDS, it doesn't kill you, everything else does.
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im better than u at AOE3

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Points 530 better than Troop, but ive never played you...and from what ive seen...well...nvm

Anyway, just to clear things up, heres a list of ranked nicknames

Favorite - Grath

Approved - Ben, Grathorius, Grathasaurus

Disliked - Bean, Grat

Hated - Gratho, Grathor, Garth, grath

GET IT!? GOT!? Good!

Lag is like AIDS, it doesn't kill you, everything else does.
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All I have to say is.......   WoW...



oh, and welcome to the community! 
Remember... Where ever you go, there you are...

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Ummmmmmm........  was that english?

Sometimes you eat the bear. Sometimes the bear eats you.

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