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Roman A. Posted: 04-08-2007 10:21 PM

most of you know who i am, for those that have no idea, hi i'm roman.

i play jv lacrosse for my school and spend a lot of time gaming during my free time. if i'm not by my computer i'm usually reading a book or out running. i try to stay as active as i can. because i'm a very competitive person, naturally i came about playing CS competitively along with quake and DDR. i played a lot of quake before i even got into CS and in between i have three-four years with placements in local and national DDR tournaments.

ps. that's my gf and myself in my avatar :)


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You should post up a few of your Videos for people to see. Scare some sense into them!

We can host it for you on one of our fast DL servers and then you can use our Inline Video module here to display it. We also provide a Download Link for it.

Remember... Where ever you go, there you are...

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i have one full-length movie out, but it only features myself as a cameo and not a lot of people will really notice. (only people that REALLY know my playing style) but other than that it's got a lot of nice shots from some of the top american players and teams.

gotfrag link (requires registration!)

other than that i do happen to have stuff hosted on my filefront

clips to see:

there are several others which i have rendered up and for anyone interested, i AM working on my own movie as well as two others. it's only a matter of time before i actually start making progress! i'll post any releases here.


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