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Stab Posted: 03-06-2007 8:59 PM

Im Stab the hacker (only if we are playing scoutzknivez3)

I also am a diver....

and me and my brother own a paintball feild



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Heres the long verzion u all want!



well the first time i played on the {MC} severs it was on the other sever and i played on starwars_trench my whole life. That was about  5 years ago when i frist came. I WAS IN LOVE with para's map i always wondered what that floating MC thing was and  i was like who would name them SELVES ParaDOX What a lamo =p. well i played and i played and i played and i played and and about 1 year ago me and REIGN where on starwars_trench and he had just goten admin not to long ago. Well me and riegn had been good friends for the past couple of years 2-3 i think cant remember. But i was like yo how do i get admin.?? and he was like ask

{MC} ParaDOX and i was like im so scared ive heard that he eats babies =p

Seriously i was scared of him, so i made riegn e-mail him and then eventualy i e-mailed para because riegn told me he is cool and he isnt a monster. if u can belive para didnt really know me i guess beciase in the past 5 years i havent seen him play ONCE on the Other sever. Maybe im crazy but i didnt. MAybe he was on the starwars2 sever with troop and and the other {MC}'s im sure

Im sure that if i know where all the {MC}'s where playing i would have gotten admin sooner and maybe {MC} if i was rediculously lucky, beciase the only one i knew well that played on the other sever was f1killer and at that point in time he was in training. so i got admin eventually and i was the happyest kid alive!!!!!!!!!!!

SO know im the lamo who only plays on Warcraft and Anarchy with riegn and cow and the regulars there when we go to scoutzknivez3 i always have a 60-3 ratio =p but bring me to destopia and it will be 3-60 unless we are playing pisthball. =]

(i now understand that para is the coolest and im not scared of him anymore)

(only if i AIM him when hes at work and i dont know...then i get scared =p)

So theres my backround....wheres urs!!!!!!

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