I'm Back from Beyond, for I am Dennison!

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Revolutionary Devil [6] Posted: 12-09-2007 3:03 PM

Hey all, Dennison here, going under the tag Revolutionary, actually have been for about a year. It's probably been longer than that since I've graced this humble old abode. In the past few years I've been working retail, and fell into a job at the local hospital for IS Technician, fixing computers, troubleshooting printers, managing blade servers, etc. I'm also practically married to my girlfriend of 3 and a half years.  I have also been going back to college, hoping to obtain another degree. I've been in a few clans since I was in <-(SR)->, such as [CNC], Cybernet Cafe, a Sven-Coop clan, which I left, and I am now back in my original one that I was in before I joined SR, which was McZ, McZombie, just a few of my friends and I. I've been playing DoD:S, DoD, CS:S, Dystopia, City of Heroes(I quit that one), just to name a few, so if you feel like having a good time, join me in a server and pwn some noobs! Or hollar at me just to catch up on old times.

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Good to see you're ok and that you havn't forgotten us!

Come join us in Ventrilo. A bunch of us are still around and are most active in vent. We play various games together. We have been playing on our source servers lately.

Oh, and Join us in Vent!

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Sorry I haven't responded. We've all responded to eachother through Vent, which I except to see you on. I won't be joining you in source. You'll be joining us in source =). You can find the vent info on the forums under server info. I don't really remember during what time period you left, but I'm sure a lot has happened. I would love to catch up on old times. Nice to see you again!

 By the way, before joining vent be sure to read this post: Important {MC} Information


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troop i told you dennison was real.. crackhead. 

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