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Troop Posted: 03-05-2007 4:09 PM

Hello everyone. I'm going to give you two things to read. The first will be a summary and the second will be how I ended up here. So here it is.

Summary: Hello, my name is Joe, I've been a part of the {MC} Community for quite a long time now. I am both an admin and a {MC} clan member. I'm into graphics. To give you an idea of how much I'm into graphics, I have the whole adobe creative suite 2 (which I payed for). I'm a heavy gamer with a keyboard more updated than my computer. That doesn't mean my computer is old and falling apart yet, it's got some kick left from four years ago. It plays half-life 2 games fine. My keyboard is a logitech G15, look it up in google. So that tells you a little bit about me, now for the long story.
Full Story:
     Hello, my name is Joe. About four-five years ago (how long I've been in this community), I found out about this game called Counter-Strike. The mall around me had, at the time, a LAN place where people who didn't have computers or didn't have the game could go and pay for time to play Counter-Strike or other games. I really liked this game. I remember sitting down and playing it, and just playing with a pistol because I didn't know how to buy weapons. I found out how to type and I asked people, they said B but some idiot changed the configuration so B didn't work. So I just ran around killing with a pistol and picked up guns from the guys who died.
     One day I finally bought the game. So I went home with counter-strike, and I don't really remember what happened then. I think I just played it and before long it had an update. The fabulous 1.6 and steam, with a new knife model, a shield for the counter-terrorist, and two new guns. I played on any server that I happened to double-click. One day, it was nothing other than the {MC} Main server.
     The first day on this server I loved it. I had so much fun playing starwars2! I played with a full server, but two names I remember. One was a guy named f1killer, and another was named falcon. We enjoyed jumping from ship to ship and killing people inside there own ships, we also enjoyed driving the ships into other bases with lots of people on board to take over there side. So anyways, we formed this clan called SR (Ship Raiders). All of us added the server to our favorites, and continued to play there.
     After the first day, falcon got grounded. It turned out, he got "grounded "a lot. I never saw falcon after the first day untill three years later. So Kirk and I, oh, f1killer- his name is Kirk. So Kirk and I made SR and took over the {MC} servers. This is when the {MC} servers were CRAMMED! You had to sit in line to join, they were always full!
     One day I met one of the {MC}'s. It was {MC}Northern Lights, and I asked who owned the servers. He said the owners name is {MC}ParaDOX, and I could find him playing occassionaly. One day of course, I found him! I played him 1vs1 on a map with a cave and a button which called a bomb strike but I can't remember the name. I remember saying "Man, this guy is the owner? he's not even good at the game." I asked him for admin and he told me to sign up at and that he would think about it. I signed up and started posting and got really into the community. I became an admin. My clan SR was still very active for a long time, and Kirk and I kept it going. Now Kirk wasn't an admin and I was. Apparently, he didn't like that very much and was about to leave right when {MC}ParaDOX granted him admin as well (we didn't know untill a few years later he was going to leave). This kept Kirk around for years. Kirk and I have both gone through years of the community. I remember the servers always being full, the website layout was VERY different (about two versions different because of this layout now!). Both Kirk and I are now in {MC}. Unfortunately Kirk has been gone recently due to a few things, one being World of Warcraft, other being various other things.

So <-(SR)-> (had many tags but that was the final and the best) was a huge clan in the {MC} community. I always wanted to create websites and such and I played with geocities and learned about the gimp and made little SR signs and sprays and whatnot. Eventually I bought a scanner and it came with adobe elements, then I got adobe CS as a present. Then I got the whole Adobe CS Premium Suite 2. So this community has really sparked my interest in graphic design, which is my career choice.

So now you know a little bit, or a lot, about me depending on how much you actually read of my blabbering. I tried to cram four years into this post so bear with me.[/IMG]

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Hey Troop....I dont like you anymore...Now i'm going to have to write a long essay about me and my life with {MC} you're on my hate list now....right next to.....that drunk guy....Rush bwhahahaha

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one thing i seen was that SR was seen as the side clan to MC but SS was the real side clan to MC lol

but u didnt talk about why para gave u space on his site lol 


but now SR is about dead :( lol with only a few ppl but now where is ur new site ? 

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 Nice to meet you Troop.. you smoked me enough in COD4.  Must have upgraded that box of yours.  Hope to see you around here

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Heheh. This stuff is so old! I could go through and write a whole new introduction on that first paragraph. Eventually my box did fall apart, it wouldn't play source very well any more, and I couldn't play new games that were coming out (at the time I wanted to play Oblivion and Supreme Commander, and Crysis for when that game came out). So I got a new computer.[/IMG]

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x2 with what dark said.... but i'm not going to write an essay. takes too long. and i'm lazy. you all know me anyways. i've been "with" the mc community for forever..... just not always here :-D 

{MC}[SS] cash

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