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Rush Retrospective Posted: 04-04-2007 7:57 AM

Ok, this is one of the best sites ive seen in ages! Basically, you go to this site and you input a website you are most familiar with (lets take www.paradisesgarage.com for example). The website connects to its web server in China and the webserver than trys to view the site you requested. It comes with a return result "This Website is blocked" or "This Website is available". This is because the chinese government does not want its people to see things that they feel can hurt their nation.

 To make this funny, post sites that you tried at the Great Firewall of China and let us know if its blocked or not


www.paradisesgarage.com - available

www.team-cor.net - BLOCKED!

www.ka-clan.info - BLOCKED!

www.pggaming.com - available

www.djbobert.net - available

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www.teknologist.com is available :)

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Troop replied on 04-06-2007 8:36 AM

GreatFirewallofChina.org - BLOCKED!

en.wikipedia.org - BLOCKED!

ebay.com - Blocked Occasionally

 iespell.com - available




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