Para's Ping Tool - Version 1

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Para's Ping Tool - Version 1
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Last weekend my ISP was having upload issues so bad that I couldn't work at certain times. So I created a Ping Test Tool. This will be the the first of my Network Tools.

The features are as follows:

  • Ping any valid address by IP or Domain Name.
  • Remembers lst tested address
  • Pings continuously until stopped
  • Displays Real Time Packet Statistics
  • Adjustable Ping Settings
    • Delay - Time between pings
    • Size - Buffer size in Bytes
    • TTL - Time To Live
    • Timeout - How long the ping is good for before considered a Timeout
    • Don't Fragment Packets
    • Show All Pings - Display

Let me know what you think of this tool and I'm open to suggestions for the next version.


Extract to a folder called network tools in your Program Files folder. Create a shortcut to the exe file and ping away!

Requires Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 to run. If you don't already have it, download it from Microsoft here. Full Version here.

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