de_dust2_ads by {MC}[SS]Rush Retrospective


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de_dust2_ads by {MC}[SS]Rush Retrospective

de_dust2_ads by {MC}[SS]Rush Retrospective

Objective: Simple, this is my rendition of de_dust2 enthused by VALVe's recent addition to our gameplay; in game ads.
I made this map for ony two reasons, 1. as a protest that shows how ugly in game ads can make a beautiful map/game and 2.
to help motivate you all in the fight against in game ads. This map is not a map I expect everyone to want to play nor be
a crowd gatherer. If you want to run/play this map on a server, than feel free to spread the word. If you end up enjoying
this map, I'm glad I was able to provide you with something enjoyable. Just remember, don't give up the fight and give in to
VALVe's greed.

{MC} Community for providing their time in play tests and advice (
Every company/organization that has their ads displayed in my map (182 different ads)
VALVe, for motivating me in creating this mess
The guy I downloaded the de_dust2 rmf file (google search)
The guy who created de_dust2. Sorry for destroying your work of art. (but isn't VALVe doing the same thing?)

Special thanks to {MC}Paradox for your extra assistance

Also thanks to:
Hidden Leaf Village
any additional play testers I know I love you guys.

Questions/Comments: E-mail me at or hit me up at

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