Whack_a_mole by {MC}[SS]Rush Retrospective


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Whack_a_mole by {MC}[SS]Rush Retrospective

Whack_A_Mole by {MC}[SS]Rush Retrospective

Whack your opponent with the use of your Pump and Auto Shotguns as well as your HE grenade.

-If you and a teammate get stuck in the same pipe, one of you can crouch/jump to get unstuck
-If you lose Propulsion inside the pipe, the gentle gravity should push you down into the teleporter or the push point.
-If that does not work, use a Simultaneous crouch to get yourself back up to speed.

Special Thanks To {MC}ParaDOX for all his help to keep me going to complete this map.


ParaDOX wrote re: Whack_a_mole by {MC}[SS]Rush Retrospective
on 08-22-2007 2:52 PM
This map is destined to be a classic...
Copyright {MC}ParaDOX