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When creating a wiki there is a grey box with a small writing icon. The background for this icon is a light grey, and it looks odd.

Enter a comment on a wiki. Look at the comment page after it's published. The color is a very light blue, and clearly not meant to stay.

Edit, Comments, History all look a bit funny with such a light background.

Go there, you will see a very light blue bar at the top and it will have text in it which says Downloads. It just looks off.

Go here:  

See the box that says
"When problems are reported they go in this forum.
There are no posts to show. This could be because there are no posts in this forum or due to a filter. "
well, it just looks funny.

While you're at the page above you can see the place you're located through the bar at the top. The bar looks to be a white or very light grey. This also occurs when you're somewhere in a Wiki.

Look at the polls color in this post:

Take a look at "Announcements":


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