Anime Update (10/04/08)

Guess what!?

Gundam 00 Season 2 Raw Release Tomorrow!!

And in other Gundam 00 newz....this is for the american version of Gundam 00 Dub

Gundam Official releases the latest cast members:

Sergei Smirnov - Michael Dobson
Soma Peries - Tabitha St. Germain
Marina Ismail - Paula Lindberg
Graham Aker - Paul Dobson
Billy Katagiri - Kirby Morrow
Alejandro Corner - Andrew Kavadas

 And here is an interview with a director that works on Gundam

Director Yoshiyuki Tomino: “Not Interested in Live Action Movie Work

Director Yoshiyuki Tomino visited South Korea to participate in the first ever “Korean Contents Fair”.  A former pupil of Director Osamu Tezuka, Tomino took charge of creating “Mobile Suit Gundam”. Although different from the pre-existing works, he created the new genre of “real robot animation”. Currently working as a songwriter and novelist as well as an animation supervisor, Tomino is known for works such as “Triton of the Sea“, “Yuusha Raideen” and “Densetsu Kyojin Ideon”. At a press conference at the Dream Square Business Tower in Seoul Ageiwa, he clarified his own reasons for “Gundam” series being has loved for such a long time as well as why he is against a live-action Gundam. There was a question and answer session.

Although live action adaptations of anime has become popular lately as seen with “Transformers”, do you have any plans for adapting Mobile Suit Gundam into a live-action film?

I had an interest in live action films several years before I was producing television shows. I wanted to make something like “Transformers” However, I thought that something like a live action movie wouldn’t last in those days since it would be restricted a lot by a sign of the times and fads. I’m not interested in live action films now because of that.


But anywayz......Gundam 00 Tomorrow!! Yay!! More Updates Later!

P.S. Since Rush seems to like my dates i think i'm gonna just leave it this way, they'll probably change it but meh.

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