New Year's Anime Update Part 3

Small mini-update for the New Year, relates to the first new anime of Part 2. Have a gameplay video of the Touhou game.

So yeah....that's an intense vertical shooter. Gonna try it out myself now =D

Update: 6:14 AM

Ok....this game is just amazing!!! The most addiciting vertical shooter ever!! Kind of amazing how one person made this as well. Gonna add the links now....

Touhou 11 (東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism.)

Install Exe (132 mbs) - Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Mirror 3 Mirror 4
Direct X Updater - This is only if you are missing dx files that the game needs - Mirror

Now i dont know if you need the japanese language files for this game as i already have it installed. So if you do you can always install it with your windows cd/dvd.


Movement: Arrow Keys
Attack 1 (Basic Firing): Z Key
Attack 2 (Special): X Key


There are 4 different difficulties, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Lunatic....Note...lunatic is literally suicidal. Attacks move so fast cant dodge them without super moving dodging abilities. Plus shooting them? As you shoot your movement slows down.

If you have nothing to do for the New Year....then try this game first official game of the New Year. And it is AWESOME. There are other Touhou games that i'll link up to later once i test them out first. So go try it out!

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Posted 01-02-2009 5:48 AM by DarkAstraea
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