Minecraft FTB Ultimate Pack

FTB or Feed The Beast for those unfamiliar with this most epic collection of mods for Minecraft is now live on our latest Minecraft server. This is a collection of dozens of Minecraft Mods all packaged together nicely in a ready to play launcher that keeps all of your mods up to date and ready to play.

Join our TeamSpeak server for more info.

In fact Join our TeamSpeak server for all the latest news about what is going on in our ever shrinking community... Those that are still with us hang out there on a regular basis.

Some of us still dabble in Minecraft, AO, Dystopia, CS:GO, TSW, WoW (yes even WoW...),  and a few other random games. Most of us are still dedicated PC gamers forsaking the trappings of DLC and the lack of customization that the console users enjoy.

I am still involved with the AO community and host the AOSpeak server. A TeamSpeak server dedicated to the players of Anarchy Online. This is an ambitious project now in it's second year, providing a place for all AO players to communicate. There are free channels dedicated to any Organization (AO's equivalent of a guild) that can be automatically setup and controlled by the Org's leaders. You must join via an in-game bot named Speak, this is done by sending a tell to the bot in game. Instructions and connect links are then provided by the bot. The bot associates your in-game Alt (character or Toon) ID with your TeamSpeak ID. This enables the bot to show who is online in-game or who is the leader of an Org etc. Visit the AOSpeak site and Forums for more information.

These days I listen to a variety of streams, here are some of them:

I'm always open to suggestions as to new stuff to listen to.

Not your usual update but things are unusual these days. TeamSpeak to you soon!

Posted 03-16-2013 2:29 PM by ParaDOX
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