Update for 2020

2020 is almost over...

And I'm sure it isn't soon enough for most of us!

So what have we been doing during the pandemic? Mostly working, trying to play some games during the downtime, staying safe. As for what we're playing these days, that's a pretty long varied list.

Any probably quite a few More I didn't mention.

We have pretty much given up on Teamspeak 3, our server is still up but no one has used in quite a while. We are all hangin' in the MC Labs Discord the official MC Paradisesgarage community Discord. Join us if you haven't already!

Some of use have been streaming in Discord and on Twitch. Check out and Subscribe to our streamers: (more to be added)


Front page update! Woot! Only took 4 years! 

Posted 12-08-2020 6:00 PM by ParaDOX
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