Old Front Page News - Community Server Upgrade - 3/28/07

This is the new {MC} Paradises Garage / PG Gaming site. It's still the home of the clans {MC}, [SS] and the Starwars_trench Maps.

It's now based on Community Server which is the platform that powers some of the web's most popular communities. We're confident that you'll love it!.

We have decided that we will NOT moving all of the old data here. We wanted a clean slate to build on. The old site will be available in an archived (Read Only) format, see forums for more information.

There are still a few minor issues with the new site that will be resolved as soon as possible, you can post issues in the Tech Stuff / Site issues and Suggestions forum. We will continue to make changes and update the site on an ongoing basis.

Thanks for helping us make this the best Gaming Community on the web!

Oh yeah, almost forgot, you will have to register again! We decided not to transfer the old users across so that we can clean up the user list and have only valid users with valid email addresses. The good news is the new user profiles are now much more flexible and support options such as avatars and signatures.

Other new features:

  • Blogs, If you have a topic that you think is Blog worthy, let us know and we'll set you up!
  • Gallery called Photos for now. Each new user is allowed a gallery. If we like your images we may move them to a Permanent site gallery.
  • Downloads and links. You can now upload files and download files from here. We will be adding much more content for download than we had previously. We have much more bandwidth and space is not a problem!

So sign up and get started!

Oh, yeah and..... Troop is still here!

Posted 04-20-2007 10:22 PM by Rush Retrospective
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