Front Page News - 1/19/2009

The website upgrade is complete!

I have been working on this upgrade since last year, and was planning on finishing it "eventually", most of you know how my scheduling is... However a major security update forced my hand and I had to complete the upgrade sooner than planned. Basically the site is the same, it's still based on Community server, but now it's the latest version 8.5 SP1. The Upgrade went smoothly all that was basically required is recreating the theme based on one of the new themes.

New Features:

  • New Home page, once logged in you can see a lot more information on the front page such as:
    • Left Side:
      • The Latest - Quick Blurbs about whatever...
      • MC Server List - All of our servers and quick links to join them.
      • Favorites - Lists items that you have added to your favorites.
    • Center:
      • Current Message
      • Front Pages news now reads the most current News Blog
      • Your Conversations, no need to go to your profile to see if there are any messages for you.
      • Friends Activity, see what your friends are up to, shows posts, blogs, media, announcements, friends, etc...
    • Right Side:
      • Your Avatar
      • Groups you belong to (More on Groups)
      • Latest Blogs
      • Latest Forum Posts
      • Latest Downloads
      • Latest User Images
      • Latest Wiki's (Yes Wiki, we now Have Wiki's!)
      • Your Files - You can store files here now, create subfolders etc, share them etc...
  • My Home Page - Profile Page has new features too. Lots more information.
  • Downloads and Phots have been merged into the Media Gallery. It now supports various media file types and most file types.
  • User no longer get a personal Photo Gallery. Not a mojor loss because most users didn't even use this feature. I deleted the empty galleries of all users that were not members of the following groups:
    • MC
    • Beta Testers
    • Mappers
  • Wiki -  Yes we now have our own Wiki section. We will add Wiki's for various topics. Suggestions are welcome!
  • Groups. It's like a community within a community. Each Group can have it's own Blog, Forum, Media, Wiki, and custom Pages. We may create a Group for associated communities. Like The Foundation, if we revive it for another MMORPG.
  • Friends, Lets you stay in touch and keep track of your friends.

There are various other features that you will find or I may write about at a later date.

Lot's more information and it's easier to find.

In Other News...

Left 4 Dead is the most played game in the community these days, and our server does see some usage. There are some remnants of Age of Conan still around. Call of Duty World at War would be played a lot more if we could get our server up and running. We are missing the CD version of the files that can be patched for dedicated server. Counter-Strike will be picking up the pace again once we release our new Map and Mod. Still a work in progress! More info here

That's it for now... Enjoy the site, post anything you find that needs fixing so I can take care of it right away. We are using the Site maintenance and Repair Wiki for now.

Posted 01-19-2009 3:11 PM by ParaDOX
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