Front Page News - February 2010

Well, it's 2010...

Yeah I know it's a been a while since the last update. But there hasn't been too much worth posting on the front page.

What have we all been up to? There are two new MC's, Axile and Swordguy. We have been playing all kinds of games these days and not staying too long on any particular ones. One staple around here has been COD4 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare with a new Star Wars Mod, Galactic Warfare by Black Monkeys.

In other news...

Infinity Ward has succeded in their plan to have COD MW2 drop off in popularity due to the lack of real multiplayer support and a short single player campaign. According to Xfire's Game stats, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is in second place for the last 83 days. Modern Warfare 2 enjoyed a brief popularity but from what I see on my friends lists, it has steadily diminished since the first few weeks of it's release. The popularity of the previous versions carried into MW2 but MW2 can't stand on it's own like the other games in the series. I'm not saying it isn't popular or not being played, it's number 4 on the X-fire list as of this writing, but it should have been number one or two below WoW and stayed there for a long time. As far as I am concerned they dropped the ball big time. I for one will not even consider this game for the single player until it's about $10. Considering that COD4 hasn't changed in price for quite some time I have a long time to wait.

It's almost time to get back into Anarchy Online...


Posted 01-30-2010 9:45 PM by ParaDOX
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