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So, where do I begin?

Well, you start off in newbie island, where you have to talk to Brandon Thor... wait, wait... that's old news.

If you don't already know, the MC Labs Org (guild) in Anarchy Online has been making its name, and becoming a buzz-word on the Rimor server for quite some time now amongst the elite players of possibly the best mmorpg ever made. How so you may ask? Well, let's make a list shall we:

 - It has become well known that MC Labs is responsible for the discovery of the Shadowlands.

 - Due to the brilliance found amongst MC Lab org-members, a research experiment gone awry alerted the Aliens to the presence of life on Rubi-ka.

 - MC Labs is now famous for their "Buff Bank" that has become well established in the heart of Borealis, where newbs and penniless players alike can come at any time and receive limitless free buffs at peak hours.

 - Our fearless Org leader, known as Paradox, has struck fear into the hearts of the elite. His shrewd business tactics easily strong arm the best wheelers and dealers in the game to fork out more for less in a harsh economy that brings even the rich to their knees when acquiring phats.

 - Many people respect the MC Labs organization so much so, that it is not uncommon these days for someone to hand you free credits for no reason at all.

The above list is only a taste of what we do and who we are in AO.


The real news today I save for last:

Due  to the quick marketing sense of Paradox and the fearless members of the MC Labs org, we have recently acquired a beautiful large org city. Within days, people have already begun flocking in from all over Rimor to catch a glimpse of MC Lab Splendor. Toons, ready and eager to spend a mil or two will find no better place to spend their hard earned ingot pearl sector 10 credits than in our player shops.

Now...(Queue Epic music) Feast your eyes on these rare and soon to be famous photos of our beautiful org city.  This is truly an exciting time to be an org member of MC Labs on Rimor. So much Possibility, and so much yet to discover. Go kill some aliums everyone, go kill some aliums.  Full size photos: Photo 1  photo 2

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